First, pre-sales service

1. Service concept: Delivery is not the end of SINOHOLDINGwork, but the beginning of SINOHOLDING performance of commitment to customerservice.

2. Provide professional technical advice.Communicate with customers in a short period of time to answer professionaltechnical questions raised by customers.

3. Provide detailed technical information. Send thetechnical information you need in a short time.

4. Provide a reasonable quotation. Provide you witha reasonable product quotation as soon as possible.

5. Provide inspection reception. Feel free toreceive your visit and try your best to provide you with all the conveniences.

6. Design improvements: Existing equipment can bedesigned and improved according to customer requirements.

Second, equipment acceptance

1. Equipment must pass factory acceptance andcustomer acceptance before shipment.

2. In-plant acceptance: Before the customer acceptsthe inspection, the equipment is subjected to no-load test to check theperformance of the equipment.

3. Customer Acceptance: After the factoryacceptance, the customer representative is invited to come to the factory forequipment acceptance.

Third, installation andcommissioning

1. After the equipment is shipped, the customer isprovided with technical information for installation and commissioning, whichis used to inform the customer of the specific preparation work and provideappropriate guidance to ensure that the customer is properly preparing for theinstallation and commissioning of the equipment.

2. Commissioning engineer: professional mechanicalengineer, electrical engineer, electronic control program engineer, technicalengineer.

3. Checking whether the customer has completed thepreparation and installation of the equipment according to the requirements inthe technical data prepared by the installation and commissioning. If thecustomer has completed the preparation of the requirements in the technicaldata, the engineer is arranged to go to the customer's factory for on-siteinstallation and commissioning. .

4. SINOHOLDING engineers arrive at the customer'sfactory, communicate with the customer and develop a timetable for theinstallation and commissioning of the equipment, and install and commission asplanned.

5. To guide and check that the customer equipmentis in place, check the basic equipment, connect pipes, lines, etc.

6. Responsible for commissioning and trackingproduction of customer equipment.

7. Responsible for customer equipment operation,troubleshooting, routine maintenance and other technical training.

Fourth, after-sales service (withinwarranty period)

1. Operational training: Provide or acceptcustomers at the buyer's factory to send to SINOHOLDING factory.

2. SINOHOLDING is not liable for consumables due toproblems arising from the buyer’s responsibility.

3. Warranty period: 12 months from the date ofacceptance of the test certificate, or 15 months from the date of priority ofthe bill of lading.

4. After the installation and commissioning iscompleted and the equipment is put into production, SINOHOLDING will designatea special after-sales service team (the team consists of equipment salespersonnel, after-sales tracking personnel and on-site commissioning personneland technicians) to track usage. Customer equipment status and guidancecustomers use quick mastery techniques and answer potential customer problemsencountered in actual production. Individual involvement of team membersprovides insight into the project, so SINOHOLDING can ensure a moreprofessional and timely response.

5. After half a year of normal use of theequipment, the company will take the initiative to visit customers, and provideopinions and suggestions on equipment using, equipment quality and after-salesservice.

6. After the one-year warranty period for normaluse of the equipment, SINOHOLDING will actively communicate with the customer.The end of the warranty period does not mean that SINOHOLDING service has beencompleted.

7. Use of non-original accessories, if there is aproblem with the equipment, it is not covered by the warranty.

Fifth,maintenance (warrantyperiod expired)

1. Ensure timely supply of equipment components,molds and various consumable parts.

2. The after-sales service team mobile phone andnetwork communication software will be online 7*24 hours, and will respondpromptly after receiving the customer contact.

3. Technical engineers are on call to solveproblems quickly for the customer over the internet.

4. If necessary, go to the customer's factory tosolve the problem in the shortest time.

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